Contes du Ciel et de la Mer

Author François MIGEAT, illustrations Pia Imbar.

These tales are a timeless and universal journey to the 4 corners of the world.
All children's souls will dive in with delight to accompany each hero in his dream quest.

Tami Editions. Paperback ISBN 979-10-92017-07-6

Cacographies Participation au Cacograph

« Monthly texto-pictorial publication, multi-flavored fruit of the meeting of Orleanians producers of scribbles in any kind, the cacograph continues its shifted, erroneous, absurd, conceptual, illustrative exploration of the words of our society and the beings which compose it.»

Cacograph. ISSN 2493-0652

Illustrations covers Frédéric Desgranges and Stanislas Gros.